How to Choose a Dog as a Fashion Accessory

Top Dog Fashion Clothes And Accessories To Style Your Dog - For Women

You’ve seen them on the runways, in cars with stars, and even in famous restaurants; miniature dogs being used as fashion complements by stars like Paris Hilton.

Some would call this a moral atrocity, a shameless use of an animal to achieve fashionista status without any care for the animal’s well being whatsoever.

I call it brilliant! Dogs, after all, have always been great fashion statements–just ask Berlington Coat Factory or most of China. Now that the dogs are being kept alive AND fashionable, it should be a solution everyone can agree on!

If you’re thinking about getting a Yorkshire …

Dog Beach Safety

How to Keep Your Dog Safe at the Beach | Petsies

Dogs love going to the beach. There are plenty of smells to sniff, friends to greet and things to explore. You need to ensure that their exploration does not affect their safety.

Here are some steps you can take to ensure your dog stays safe and healthy at the beach:

Identification – Your dogs should be appropriately licensed and wear up to date tags. Consider micro-chipping as an added form of identification. If they wander off, identification will enable others to help them find the way home. If you are on vacation, and not staying at home, include identification with …

Automobiles Specifically Designed for People and Dogs

Henry Ford revolutionized travel with the automobile, and since that time it has continued to evolve alongside our modern society. Auto manufacturers have found ways to satisfy many different audiences from soccer moms, to racing enthusiasts and environmental activists. A new sector will be explored by automobile manufactures over the next year, dog owners. More than 63 percent of all U.S. households own a pet and a growing number of dog owners are taking Fido with them when they hit the road. Now, dog lovers will find themselves the targeted audience for research and development and marketing campaigns for future …

Obama Dog Bo Lands President in Doghouse with Critics

Reaction to first puppy Bo, a purebred 6-month-old Portuguese water dog, has been mixed. While the Obama girls are understandably delighted with the adorable little fellow, some feel that by taking in Bo as opposed to a rescue dog, President Obama has broken a solemn promise.

You may recall that President Obama promised his daughters, Sasha and Malia, that he would get them a puppy once the campaign was over. You may also recall that President Obama said on numerous occasions that he would seek out a rescue dog. For instance, during his first news conference as president-elect, he said …

Craft Project: Simple No-Sew Dog Bed

Dog beds are fairly expensive to buy. And they are not very easy to wash. You can make your own dog bed using blankets or other items you already have in your home. Or you can go out and buy some special blankets to make your dog bed. No matter what you use, this simple dog bed is quick and easy to make. And it’s also easy to wash so you can keep your dog bed clean and free from fleas.

First you need to find a cover for your dog bed. You can use a blanket, a sheet, a …

It's Raining Cats and Dogs

In Jacksonville, Florida alone, the population, or over-population, of cats and dogs is astounding. The Humane Society in the city of Jacksonville takes in every stray or abandoned cat and dog left at their door only to find they have no room for them. In a year, they are forced to euthanize over 200 pets due to over-population. Only 25% of the animals they take in are adopted.

I, myself, have considered purchasing purebreds to breed as a side job, but it seems such a selfish way to earn a few extra dollars while so many unwanted animals are being …

Dogs Are Getting Dumber Says New Research

We’ve all watched the Eukaneuba Dog Show and the Westminster Dog Shows, comparing our canine pets with the perfection of the show standard. What no one ever thinks about is how breeding the perfect dogs for appearance might be dumbing them down.

According to the Swedish researcher and Ethologist , Kenth Svartberg, from Stockholm University, today’s breeding for ideal appearance is “affecting the behavior and mental abilities of pedigree breeds, as well as their physical features.”The outcome of testing 13,000 dogs for different levels of sociability and awareness can be found in the Svartberg discovered that 31 different breeds, …

Summertime Precautions for Your Dog

When the weather gets warmer and the sun begins to shine, it seems like a great opportunity to get outside and take your dog on a walk or to the park. While this is never a bad thing, some precautions need to be taken into consideration when your pet is outside in the summertime.

The biggest precaution you’ll want to take into consideration is overheating. A dog’s fur traps in heat and a correlation would be if you were to wear a winter coat on a hot day. Light colored dogs with short hair do the best in the sun, …

Guide to Signs of Dehydration in Dogs

Dogs like their human counterparts suffer from dehydration especially during scorching hot summer days. Dog’s can lose water from panting, intense exercise and excessive panting thereafter, or they are not drinking enough to begin with. During the summer month you have to monitor your dog’s water intake to make sure they are getting enough. This article will take a look at some signs of dehydration among dogs and what you should do if each symptom occurs.

  1. Skin loses its stretch and becomes looser

When dogs do not get enough water their skin will show this by becoming saggy and loose …

The Best Dogs for Kids

Kids are always asking for a dog. There are so many things to take into consideration before buying a dog for a child. However, a dog will teach a child valuable lessons about sharing, caring for others, and responsibility. A dog will serve as one of a child’s best friend. Before deciding on a specific breed, parents need to know what type of breed they’re looking for.

~Age of Child

Some dogs do better with smaller children, while others work better with older children. Dogs know for patience and gentleness will be the best possible dog for smaller children. Younger …