Time to Welcome a Few New Breeds of Dogs

There are 169 breeds and names varieties of canine recognized by the AKC, American Kennel Club. Find them at AKC.org. There are 4 new breeds now.

Beauceron- this dog stands 24-27 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs to 110 pounds. This is a herding type of dog. This canine bread has been raised in France since the 1500’s. Currently they work as police dogs and as military guard dogs. An experienced owner is needed for this dog that does best as a partner with you. Beauce.org is the site I would have said to look at however it is …

The Unusual Dog Breed: A Few Dogs for Those Seeking a Breed Apart

Unusual dog breeds, though not always American Kennel Club, or AKC, recognized, are not simply mongrels or inferior dogs. Many have long histories and characteristics that set them apart from the breeds most see every day. This is, in itself, a trait that makes them quite desirable to some potential dog owners.

Norwegian lundehund (Norway)

Topping the list, this unusual dog breed has been called “puffer dog” for its puffin hunting ability. What makes this dog breed excel at hunting puffins over their craggy nesting sites are some very odd characteristics. It has six or more toes on each foot, …

Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

What Are the Most Aggressive Dog Breeds? | Aggressive dog breeds, Aggressive  dog, Dog breeds

Choosing a dog is a very big decision and one that requires a lot of careful consideration. There are lots of factors that affect which dog is best suited for you, such as the size of the dog, temper of the dog, and many other things. The most popular breeds of dogs are those that tend to be the most obedient and even tempered, but that is not to say that breeds that are not quite as popular aren’t just as great. Although there are many great dogs out there, there are some that are very aggressive and can do …

The Borzoi Dog Breed

Not many Russian breeds of dogs are known today, many are terriers that have come from Western Europe. Russia does have a unique looking sight hound however, that goes by the name of Borzoi. Also known as the Russkaya Psovaya Borzaya Psovoi, this dog has a similar look to the Greyhound, although has a long coat of fur. Their names comes from the Russian word for fast, because of their nimble long legs.


In the 9th century, Saluki type dog breeds were brought over to Russia, which is why the Borzoi has the odd long and lean body …