Dog Gates for the House Protect Your Dog and Your Home

Best Dog Gates of 2021

Dog gates for the house are a simple solution for restricting the access of your pet to specific rooms or areas of your home. Imagine if your beloved canine accidentally swallowed your craft project, got too close to your fireplace, or frightened a baby by getting into the nursery? A pet gate can be placed at the top or the bottom of a stairway. Dog gates for the house can be placed by the kitchen door way, or any other doorway that needs a barrier. Pet gates are not solid walls; hence your furry family member can see through it and still feel like part of the family.

Many specialty gates are also available such as a wide pet gate to block any sized opening you could have. Tall pet gates help with jumping dogs. You can also select a pressure mounted pet gate or a hardware mounted pet gate. Luckily, dog gates are available for any size doorway or space, and in any style you can imagine. From solid hardwoods in finishes that work with your home decoré, to strong tubular steel made to resist chewing, and even tension mounted styles for easy access and hands-free door openings. Rubber feet protect hardwood floors, childproof latches ensure extra safety, and many accordian gates are made to fold flat for storage and travel.

Another helpful reason to have dog gates for the house is when you first bring your new puppy home. Keep the puppy in a separate room from your older dog with the door closed. Both can sniff under the door to get used to each other’s scent. After a few days, use a pet gate instead of closing the door. The puppy and dog can now see each other as well as sniff each other. If your older dog starts to get upset, don’t scold him, just remove him from the puppy. The next time, have some of your dog’s favorite treats in your hand. Praise the puppy and give the dog a treat. The dog will learn to associate the puppy with treats. Keep the first interaction between the puppy and dog supervised by two adults or an older child and an adult. Put the dog and the puppy on leashes and let them make physical contact. If any growling occurs remove whoever growled. The next time use the treat trick, but give both the dog and the puppy a treat. Take the introduction process slowly, never leave both dogs along together unsupervised, and lavish extra attention on the older dog. As soon as he realizes you are not replacing him, both dogs should become life-long pals and get along wonderfully together.

No matter which type of dog gates for the house meets your needs best, or reasons why you need one, you’ll find them in various colors and materials to match any type of home decor.

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