Fun Games to Play with Your Dog

Dogs love to play games, and people can have loads of fun playing games with their dogs. Playing fetch, catch, and ball with a dog is fun, but those aren’t the only games dogs and their owners love to play. I played games with my American Eskimo dog and my Chocolate Lab, and I loved our playtime every bit as much as they did. Try these fun games with your dog. You’ll both get lots of exercise while having more fun than you ever though possible!

Hide and Seek

My dog Jasmine loved to play hide-and-seek, and she understood the concept of this fun and exciting game. I’d hide behind a chair, in a partially opened closet, around a corner, or anywhere else she could find me if she searched hard enough. I had as much fun playing that game as she did. When she’d find me she showed a lot of excitement, and when she wasn’t in the room I’d hide once again. We had a ball playing hide-and-seek! Try playing this game with your dog. Before long, he or she will catch on, and it will become one of your favorite games to play.

Find the Treat

Every dog lover knows that dogs love treats, and they’ll go to extreme lengths to find them. Dogs have an exceptionally keen sense of smell, and you’ll be amazed by how easily your dog finds the treats you hide. You’ll have to get more and more clever when playing this fun and exciting game with your dog.

Choose low-calorie treats such as Pup Corn. Each low-fat, low-sodium treat has only 3.1 calories, and they can be broken into two pieces to make them go further when playing this fun and exciting indoor game. You can find Pup Corn at Wal-Mart, and a large container is less than $5.00.

Hide the Ball

My mom and dad’s Jack Russell Terrier, Charlie, loves to play ball. The moment I step in the door she places her favorite ball at my feet. My dad enjoys playing hide the ball with Charlie, and it’s hard to trick that old gal. She sniffs out the ball in seconds flat, and when she can’t find it she goes to my mom for assistance. It seems as if she’s telling on my dad for hiding it, but she loves this fun indoor game, and my parents get a kick out of watching her play.

Water Games

Dogs that love water love playing water games. I once had a Chocolate Lab named Bear, and Bear loved playing any type of games involving water. My kids had a large hard plastic wading pool, and Bear enjoyed going after fake ducks used for training. It was one of the best games to play outdoors on a hot summer day, and I’ll never forget the fun we had and the games Bear loved to play.

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