Guide to Signs of Dehydration in Dogs

Dogs like their human counterparts suffer from dehydration especially during scorching hot summer days. Dog’s can lose water from panting, intense exercise and excessive panting thereafter, or they are not drinking enough to begin with. During the summer month you have to monitor your dog’s water intake to make sure they are getting enough. This article will take a look at some signs of dehydration among dogs and what you should do if each symptom occurs.

  1. Skin loses its stretch and becomes looser

When dogs do not get enough water their skin will show this by becoming saggy and loose in general. Basically what is happening is that the dog’s skin is no longer retaining water since it is being depleted so the skin will actually become less elastic and look abnormal. This symptom can only be seen if you know what your dog’s skin feels and look like when the dog is full hydrated, so pay attention and even write down your observations of the healthy dog before the summer months.

  1. Lips, Eyes, and Ears appear abnormal and dry

Dehydration in dogs will take water out of the cavities and make them appear unhealthy and sunken. Dog’s lips will appear abnormally dry and panting will not result in a loss of water, this is because there is no water to be lost. Check inside the dog’s mouth, if gums appear abnormally dry and the dog is not losing any water panting then it is very possible the dog is dehydrated. Dog’s gums should be able to replenish their color quickly so check to see if they lose color when pressure is applied. The dog’s eyes will appear tired and deep-set without the proper amount of water.

  1. Does your dog appear tired and unwilling to continue physical activity?

This sign only works for dogs that are generally active; for instance if you are going for a walk and the dog appears to shake and no longer want to continue with the activity check for the other signs listed above, this could be a sign the dog needs water and cooler place immediately. When doing these physical activities the dog should be panting hard especially in the summer, if the dog is not losing water when panting check to see if there is moisture in their mouth if not they could be lacking water.

Dogs have fur which keeps them overly heated during the summer months; they will sweat, breath hard, and pant which makes them lose water. Dehydration in dogs is a very serious issue and should be dealt with by slowly giving dog’s water to replenish their bodies and taking them to a cooler area. If your dog is experiencing any of these symptoms get help immediately and call a vet.

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