How to Teach Your Dog Obiedience and Tricks Without Treats

Human’s best friend can sometimes be a human’s worst nightmare. A disobedient dog can really ruin your life, damage your property, prevent you from sleeping and leave you in financial peril. The truth is dogs want you to be happy you just have to know how to make them understand you. The easiest way is to start to think like a dog. Dogs are smarter than you might think and they tend to understand body language and tone pitch. It would be great if dogs understood English or even Spanish but they do not. Many people use treats to teach their dog. To me this method is flawed because what if you don’t have treats or what if the dog is so accustomed to treats it causes problems. Rewards are good but it is better to reward your dog with verbal praise or real affection. These methods a dog will appreciate more and will also gain more respect for you. ball toys will help you with training also.

A dog must respect its owner much like a child must respect their parents. Without respect a dog with look for guidance or simply run wild. Remember although a dog is tame it still has wild tendencies and as a puppy with too much freedom this can cause many problems. The best way to be is firm with your dog. Eventually your dog will respect you and with that respect you and your dog will build a better relationship. Spend time with your dog teaching it tricks. Do not give up, the dog will initially try to do other things because it will try and do what it wants. Once the dog realizes that you are serious and firm it will respect you and perform the task at hand. Do not be afraid to show the dog the position forcefully with your hand. When you are teaching the dog to sit make sure you push down firmly and hold the dog for a moment. This will teach the dog. After the trick is complete give the dog ultimate praise in a pleasant voice to show them you are happy and pet the dog. This is by far the most effective way to teach a dog. It is important to be firm when you have to and be affectionate for a reward. The dog will then look to see if you are happy because it will make the dog happy.

Once you have this relationship with the dog it will follow you around the house and be your best friend. After you teach your dog to sit, teach it to stay. Leave the room and make sure the dog realizes your word is firm and not to be broken. If the dog moves from the spot make sure you correct it. After this you can teach heel and beg. There are many resources on line with simple tricks to help but most importantly the dog must respect you.

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