Lixit Carrier Crock – Dog Waterer, Thirst Quencher for Your Pets

Our 2 Min Pins used to be housed in crates when we were at work. We really wanted to have them trained by the time they were 1 year old to be in the house unsupervised and be safe. We felt that was reasonable based on the other dogs we had raised that were all able to do the same. Quickly we realized that having small breed dogs was completely different than the larger dogs we were used to. The 2 never got used to the idea that we were gone, and we had to look at ways to keep them (and the house) safe. I didn’t want them in crates any more so my husband went looking for other ideas for them to stay in the house. We bought an exercise pen that hooks to their crates and allows them to come out and walk around and more.

With setting up what I affectionately call “their apartment” we realized that one of the things that they’d need access to is fresh water. We ended up purchasing the Lixit Carrier Cage Crock for under $7.00 from the pet store. It is a open water bowl that hooks onto the pen and hangs. It appears to come in a few colors, but we chose a sort of gray stone colored one.

From the company:

“Removable food and water bowl. Easy twist on/twist off action locks bowl into place on durable holder. Holder securely bolts to any wire cage–vertical or horizontal wire. Heavy duty construction is dishwasher safe. Works well with dogs up to 75 lbs.”

I really wanted something they could not knock over. I was worried that a typical water dish would get pushed around, stepped into or knocked over. I was worried we’d come home with some thirsty dogs and wet floors. I really liked that the Lixit Carrier Cage Crock allowed them to safely get water without destroying my house!

My husband hooked on this product easily to the pen with just a few screws that were included. The instructions were very, very simple. The crock has stayed perfectly where we put it for months now. It has not cracked or shown any wear. They have not been able to disturb it or knock any water out. It is easy to fill up since it is open – we usually just use an extra cup we have near the sink and pour the clean water in.

I think this was an excellent $7 investment and the best type of product we could find for the price. It works perfectly and is a great size for the animals that we use it for. It shows no sign of wear and was easy to set up. It’s really been a great purchase overall for us.

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