The Best Dogs for Kids

Kids are always asking for a dog. There are so many things to take into consideration before buying a dog for a child. However, a dog will teach a child valuable lessons about sharing, caring for others, and responsibility. A dog will serve as one of a child’s best friend. Before deciding on a specific breed, parents need to know what type of breed they’re looking for.

~Age of Child

Some dogs do better with smaller children, while others work better with older children. Dogs know for patience and gentleness will be the best possible dog for smaller children. Younger …

Natural Treatments for Dogs

30 Ways to Naturally Prevent and Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs 🥇 Jet Pet Resort

Alternative therapy for dogs has been around for many years and the industry is currently on the rise as more people are becoming aware of different options for pet care. Natural treatments for dogs in conjunction with modern veterinary practices such as ultrasounds and annual check ups can be beneficial to your dog’s health.

Always keep your vet informed on what medications, supplements and herbs your dog is taking. Herbs are natural, but can become toxic if taken in large doses just like any other medication. The following are five natural treatments for dogs that were commonly requested by …

The Borzoi Dog Breed

Not many Russian breeds of dogs are known today, many are terriers that have come from Western Europe. Russia does have a unique looking sight hound however, that goes by the name of Borzoi. Also known as the Russkaya Psovaya Borzaya Psovoi, this dog has a similar look to the Greyhound, although has a long coat of fur. Their names comes from the Russian word for fast, because of their nimble long legs.


In the 9th century, Saluki type dog breeds were brought over to Russia, which is why the Borzoi has the odd long and lean body …