The Best Dogs for Kids

Kids are always asking for a dog. There are so many things to take into consideration before buying a dog for a child. However, a dog will teach a child valuable lessons about sharing, caring for others, and responsibility. A dog will serve as one of a child’s best friend. Before deciding on a specific breed, parents need to know what type of breed they’re looking for.

~Age of Child

Some dogs do better with smaller children, while others work better with older children. Dogs know for patience and gentleness will be the best possible dog for smaller children. Younger kids that are still too little to realize that pulling a dog’s tail is bad will definitely need a calm, patient dog.

Older children do well with loyal, lazier dogs. With school and even work, older children may want a dog to just sit around with. They may not have too much time to exercise the dog, so a more lethargic dog will be a great choice for older children.


You don’t want a dog so large that it knocks your five year old on its behind. Figure out what size of dog you actually want and what size will work best for your child. Do they prefer a small dog they can carry around, or something larger? Take into account how active the dog will be with your child. Larger dogs may injure smaller children. However, smaller dogs tend to be more temperamental. Know what size you want before checking into different breeds.

~Indoors or Out

Parents need to decide if their child’s dog will stay indoors or out. Smaller dogs need to be kept inside most of the time. Larger dogs can go either way; however, many large dog breeds prefer to be kept outside. Also, if a dog is to be kept outside, parents need to make sure the dog has plenty of room to run and play. For families with very small yards or apartments, smaller dogs will be best for you and your child.

~Choosing A Dog

Now that you’ve decided on what qualities you want in a dog, it’s time to choose. One of the best places to find a dog is your local animal shelter. If you’re looking for a specific breed, ask your shelter about foster or rescue groups that deal with certain breeds. Another way to find your child the perfect dog is by contacting a breeder. However, you will need to know what breed you want beforehand.

Some very popular dog breeds for children are listed below. All are affectionate, gentle, and make great friends for your child. Some are more active than others, so parents should do plenty of research before actually making a decision. Nothing is worse than getting a dog and then having to give it away.



-Newfoundland (great for families living near water)


-Older Great Dane



-Golden Retriever


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