The Borzoi Dog Breed

Not many Russian breeds of dogs are known today, many are terriers that have come from Western Europe. Russia does have a unique looking sight hound however, that goes by the name of Borzoi. Also known as the Russkaya Psovaya Borzaya Psovoi, this dog has a similar look to the Greyhound, although has a long coat of fur. Their names comes from the Russian word for fast, because of their nimble long legs.


In the 9th century, Saluki type dog breeds were brought over to Russia, which is why the Borzoi has the odd long and lean body of a Saluki. These dogs had the agility to hunt down wolves, which were quite abundant around small Russian and Ukrainian villages. They also became great hunting companions later on in the 15th century, and ran next to the horses of their master. This breed of dog is so rare in other parts of the world because of how it was closely kept in Russia during the Soviet era of the 1940’s to the 1990’s.


They have the body of a greyhound, the legs of a saluki, and the facial features of the ancient hort dog. Their heads are quite long yet doomed with a long muzzle holding all of their strong and powerful teeth. Their ears lay back against their head and their small eyes appear as though they are squinting. Their tail is low to the ground and long and fluffy, just like their body. They usually come in colors of white and grey patched, red, black, and beige.


These dogs bark very rarely making them a good pet for anyone that tires of the constant dog bark. They are independent and act on their own accord, making them another good choice for anyone who does not have the time to spend a lot of attention with a dog. These dogs do not show any signs of aggression with humans, they are very mellow and enjoy lazing around very often. They will sit on the couch for a few hours, just looking around passing the time. They enjoy their own space so they may get nervous if there is a lot of noise where they are lounging.

Grooming and Health

Their silky coat needs to be brushed daily with a bristle brush that can loosen knots. Their soft silky fur also needs to be cleaned every month or else it will mat terribly and cause problems for them. They can bloat easily, so large meals should be out of the question. Smaller meals throughout the dog will help these dogs keep up with their slow metabolism. Borzoi dogs live up to twelve years on average

Borzois are an interesting dog breed for any eccentric that likes their animals looking on the odd side. These lounging dogs may look lazy but once they get going, they have a lot to offer.

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