What to Consider if You're Taking Your Dog On Vacation

Summer is right around the corner, and soon it will be time for us to be enjoying or long awaited vacation. Any dog owner knows how much they hate to go on vacation without them. We all want to take our furry pooch with us. If you’re lucky enough to find a hotel that welcomes pets, and your ready to hit the road with Fido then there’s a few things you should do to ensure a safe and memorable trip for you and your pet.

From the day we welcomed our dog into our home, we have always managed to find accommodations that accepted pets. Although there are many good kennels, I feel as though I’m leaving my child behind. What if they got sick? What if there was a fire? There are people out there who will laugh and say I am ridiculous for having such thoughts about a dog, but I feel that the she is part of the family, and being a canine makes no difference.

So, if your heading out this summer with your furry friend here a few helpful hints that we found very useful.

Get an ID tag made up with the name of the establishment your staying at, you can even add you cell phone number to it. Also remember to take along a photo of your pet. That way, if by chance your pet gets lost, whoever finds him will be able to contact the hotel or you directly. Hopefully you’ll never have to face this scary scenario.

Also be sure to take along your pet’s medical records, medications and proof of license and vaccinations, just in case your pet gets ill, all of these items will come in handy if you need to see a Vet.

Make sure to make some of their favorite toys so that they can feel at home. We also bring along one of their favorite blankets or if they have a bed bring that along. Doggies get homesick too.

We always take their regular brand of food with us, just in case the area we are staying at doesn’t carry it. The last thing you want is to change their diet and risk stomach problems.

If you’re going to be traveling by car dogs are safest in the back seat. Pets in the front can be injured by an imploding airbag or distract the driver. No matter how much they want to sneak up front with you, keep in mind their safety and don’t allow them on your lap. You can also purchase a harness seat belt that they sell at most pet stores, that way you won’t be tempted to bring them up front when they nudge you with their cold little nose. The most important thing to bring along is love; your four-legged friend will need lots of it when they are out of their normal environment.

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